There’s never been a better time to workout from home. As gym closures across the UK continue to be a feature of the pandemic lockdown, investing in the right kit can help you achieve successful workouts in any space.

Yoga is one of the most popular choices for a home workout, so whether you’re a devotee of all things yoga or just getting started, here are a few key reasons to opt for a yoga mat and yoga ring from Gym Geeks…

What is a yoga ring?

Yoga rings are a circular, two-handled workout accessory which is ideal for adding an upper body element to your workout. This flexible piece of kit can also be used for leg workouts and easily adding strength and agility exercises to your routine.

With a yoga ring, you can successfully tone your muscles thanks to the resistance which they provide. This has made yoga rings a feature of firming exercises. They’re also great for targeting specific muscles, which helps encourage the right kind of workout for your goals.

Why do I need a yoga mat?

Yoga mats are an essential piece of yoga workout kit. There is a reason why these mats have become such a popular symbol for fitness fans. And for practitioners of yoga, they’re vital!

The right yoga mat will provide plenty of grip. One of the main purposes of this type of mat is to stop you from sliding around when practicing yoga poses, so having a firm grip is essential.

Padding is another important part of choosing the right yoga mat, particularly if you’re new to yoga. This is because it takes a little while to develop your strength, during which time it’s easy to risk injury or muscle strain. Thankfully, our yoga mats have lots of grip and are the right width and padding to provide room to move around with ease.

Choosing your kit

The combination of a great yoga mat and a yoga ring means you can try out a wide variety of different exercises, all from the comfort of home. For yoga beginners, we recommend checking the web for some free instructional videos which will soon see you developing a real appreciation of this flexible exercise discipline.

To browse the full range of exercise kit and pick up your own yoga mat and yoga ring, head to the official online store at Gym Geeks.