Getting in shape might feel more difficult in lockdown, but with the right kit, there’s no need to let your fitness regime slide.

An adjustable stepper is your perfect partner for workouts of differing intensities, and will ensure you never have to skip the benefits of great exercise. Read on to find out more about this fantastic piece of kit!

What is a stepper?

Aerobic steppers are a platform which you can incorporate into your workout routine. They are great for lots of different health benefits, including giving your heart rate a boost and adding strength to your legs.

Steppers are used by fitness fans to walk first onto them, then back off them again. As you raise your heart rate, you can start to burn even more calories and get in shape.

How do I use a stepper?

Steppers come in all sorts of different heights and materials. The right stepper will be durable (as you’ll be stepping on and off of it continuously). Height is also an important factor to consider, since this will determine how intensive your workout is.

A low stepper is a great option for beginners or for light workouts, with the height raising depending on the toughness of your routine and your growing agility and strength.

Steppers are easy to use, but ensuring that you have the right one will help your workouts to be more effective.

Choosing the right stepper

Your choice of stepper will be determined by your current fitness level and how tough you want to make your workouts. Normally, fitness fans have to buy new steppers as they progress on their wellness journey, but by opting for an adjustable stepper, this is a thing of the past.

Instead, simply adjust the stepper in accordance with your changing needs. If you want a light workout, go for a lower setting. To intensify things, move to a new height or really test yourself with the highest setting available. Adjustable steppers are a rarity in the fitness world, but at Gym Geeks we have just the solution.

The Gym Geeks Adjustable Stepper

Our adjustable stepper can be adapted for the height you need, at intervals of 5cm, 10cm and 15cm. This means no more investing in costly kit and more time spent perfecting your workout!

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