The Covid-19 pandemic has caused gyms to close across the UK, making it more difficult to get adequate exercise. With our physical health so strongly tied to everything from mental health to immunity, now could be the perfect time to mix up your fitness regime and find out what equipment can be incorporated into your home.  

At Gym Geeks, we specialise in high-quality gym equipment which you can use wherever you are. The Different Resistance gives you the chance to work out your whole body without heading for a public gym - producing fantastic benefits in lockdown and beyond!

Here’s a few key reasons to consider setting up your own Gym Geeks home gym in 2021:


No matter how avid a fitness fanatic you are, there’s times when the idea of heading out the gym just doesn’t appeal. When the gym is in your own home, there’s no more excuses! The flexibility of the Different Resistance also means you can set it up in any room in your house and will waste far less time travelling to and from your gym space.


Our fitness solutions are always available at an affordable price point. Over time, gym membership fees start to stack up and can make getting and staying fit less accessible. With the Different Resistance, these monthly costs are a thing of the past. Simply set your kit up and pay a one-time fee to work out from home.


The Different Resistance is also an all-in-one solution for your fitness needs, effectively working out your whole body without the need to buy additional add-on products. If you want to add to your home gym, then you can always add more items from the Gym Geeks range – but to get a well-balanced workout, there’s no immediate need.

Real Results

The Different Resistance system also offers you real results, ensuring you get all the benefits of a fantastic full body workout, at home. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build strength or muscle tone, get lean or simply maintain your fitness status, there’s never been a better time to invest in the equipment which will help make it happen.

Find out more about the Different Resistance online at the official Gym Geeks store, where you can also browse through our extended range of products for a comprehensive at-home workout!