With both lockdown and working from home set to continue for the foreseeable future, we're going to be away from the gyms for even longer. This means that staying healthy through exercise at home is absolutely crucial.
Like us, you probably own several pieces of exercise equipment, lying around in various places, all taking up valuable real estate in your home. That's why we invite you to say hello to our fabulous adjustable dumbbells, which will give you the workout you want in one attractive, space-saving device.
Our adjustable dumbbells allow you to get a full workout at home, combining the best of both worlds - cardio and weights - through a wide range of exercises. With weight settings ranging from 2.5kg 24 kg (24kg dumbbell), the whole family can benefit from them - even if you've got a powerlifter in the house! Simply turn the dial on the dumbbell to your desired weight, and you're ready to lift!
Here are some great full-body exercises for building lean muscle and burning calories.
Dumbbell Swings
The swing is a classic exercise, possibly unmatched for the sheer variety of benefits it can deliver. While normally associated with the kettlebell, you can get great results with the dumbbell too. We recommend you watch expert videos on YouTube to get the correct technique and form - but once you're up and running, this will become a staple exercise. 
Goblet Squats
Holding the dumbbell in front of your chest and squatting is a great full body exercise. Use this exercise to increase your core and glute strength, meaning more powerful legs and better explosive movement! Your grip strength will also improve. Here's some more information about goblet squats. 
Clean and Press
Here's one to get you in athletic shape, and develop real upper body power. The dumbbell clean and press will work most of your body's muscles, meaning more calories torched in less time. This exercise should always form part of your workout! Read more about it here. 

Please remember to exercise responsibly: warm up and cool down, stay hydrated throughout, and practise proper technique. Always consult a physician before beginning a new regime of exercise.