An effective abs roller is one of the best pieces of gym kit you’ll ever own. This handy item allows for workouts in your own customized home gym, ideal for exercising during lockdown.

With the ability to help you develop greater muscle tone, boost your core strength and more, here’s a look at five key reasons to invest in an abs roller from Gym Geeks…

Strengthen your core

Strengthening and stabilising your core is a fantastic reason to buy an Abs Roller! Focusing on this area of your body helps you to stabilise and improve your balance. You may also notice that you are generally more limber and flexible after getting to grips with your abs roller, which will boost your workouts on other areas of the body, too.

Boost your strength

The right piece of home gym kit can give your strength training a much-needed lift. One of the major reasons to focus on your abdomen is that the strength you gain is felt throughout the body. You’ll see and feel the benefits right away, and after a little while of using, you stand to gain muscle strength everywhere from your abs and back to your hip and highs. 

Use key muscles

The Abs Roller will help you target approximately 20 key muscles throughout the body. Of course, the main muscles you’ll work on are located in the abdomen, but that’s only the beginning of the benefits you stand to gain with this fantastic product. With four wheels instead of one, the Abs Roller from Gym Geeks offers a more stable basis for your exercising.

Improve back pain

Back pain is one of the most painful, common chronic health conditions. The muscles of the spine and abdomen are sometimes a contributing factor to this type of pain, so working those muscles will help you say goodbye to back pain!

Stronger abdominal muscles can be built using your abs roller, ultimately reducing pain and helping you work out without injury.

Tone your abs

This is the main reason a lot of people invest in an abs roller. While the piece of kit alone can’t help you to lose belly fat, it can help you tone the muscles of your abdomen. If you’re looking to lose weight, then after adopting a healthy diet and exercise regime your belly fat will reduce and your abs will be on display!

To find out more about our full range of try the Abs Roller for yourself, head to the official Gym Geeks store.